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Klein Devort

Website: https://www.precurio.com/intranet-software/
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Precurio Intranet Software

Comprehensive Features: Precurio intranet software has hundreds of intuitive features, plus enterprise-class features like Active Directory integration, Role based Access Control and many more.

Unique Design: Intranet software comes with a lot of feature, but only Precurio gives a unique design that allows you promotes the features your organization needs. This is the magic to intranet adoption.

Source Code Available: We provide our customers with the source code, so you can customize your intranet portal and even add new modules. No other enteprise-grade solution is this flexible.

Simple and Effective: Our software is designed to be simple to use and easy to adopt. There is no need to spend additional money on training, everyone will pick it up easily. We guarantee it!

Categories: Intranet, Utilities