Godzilla vs Kong Available on PUBG Mobile Next Month


PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with the film Godzilla vs Kong, which premiered at the end of last month, is ready to be released next month, to be precise on 11 May.

“Our collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong will launch May 11,” PUBG Mobile announced via its Twitter account, quoted Monday (26/4/2021).

Ahead of its launch, PUBG Mobile in the last few days deliberately showed the presence of mysterious footprints, skeletal remains and claw marks, as if sneaking into the map.

PUBG Mobile developer Tencent announced the collaboration at the game’s third anniversary party last month.

Based on the synopsis, this film shows Godzilla and Kong fighting, while humanity tries to exterminate the two monsters and reclaim the planet.

According to the Dotesports report, the beta version of the collaboration game which was released earlier this month, indicates that Godzilla and Kong have been added to Erangel and Sanhok.

The two giants can be seen in the mini-map as players prepare to parachute onto the map. The two of them roam the map, often destroying buildings and choking players who get in their way.

In the Sanhok map, Kong leaves a trail of crystals, which players can pick up and use and provide buffs that allow them to run faster and jump higher.

In addition, players can also meet other giants from Monster Verse who follow and attack players. Even though Kong and Godzilla were bulletproof, the giant that was smaller than the other giants could be killed by shooting at them.

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