Google Will Loosen Work From Office Rules

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Google says, 20 percent of its employees can work from home after the office opens at the end of 2021.

The leading internet company has previously taken a more rigorous approach when it comes to employees returning to work. Previously, Google closed its offices and allowed employees to work remotely.

Quoting CNBC, Thursday (6/5/2021), now seeing several other technology companies, Google decided to offer greater flexibility and relax its approach.

Earlier in December 2020, Google announced plans for employees to spend three days a week working in the office.

“Now Google expects 60 percent of its employees will be in a location (office) several days a week, with 20 percent working in a new office and 20 percent working from home,” said Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, in an email to Google employees.

He said most employees sometimes want to be at Google’s headquarters.

“Before the pandemic, we had thousands of people working in separate locations from their core team. I fully expect that number to increase in the coming months, as we develop further roles, including sub-teams working remotely,” said Pichai.

Pichai also said that each particular Google employee can now work temporarily for four weeks per year apart from the designated office.

This figure is an increase from the previous, where employees can work remotely for two weeks per year.

He also revealed that some Google employees may need to be in work facilities (Google offices) more than three days per week because of their work.

Meanwhile, a Google spokesperson said that so far employees have been working from home until September 2021.

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As for temporary employees, Google’s vendors and contractors, who make up nearly half of Google’s total employees, may be working in the office on the same day as their team.

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