OpenAI’s ChatGPT: The Fastest-Growing App in Human History

ChatGPT, the latest AI product from OpenAI, is now the fastest-growing app in human history. With an estimated 100 million active monthly users just two months after its November release, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. According to a note from UBS analysts cited by Reuters, “In 20 years following the internet space, we cannot recall a faster ramp in a consumer internet app.” The impressive growth of ChatGPT was further demonstrated by SimilarWeb, which reported an average of 13 million unique visitors using the app daily in January, double the average number from December.

The Viral Success of ChatGPT

The rapid growth of ChatGPT can be attributed to its viral nature and the role of social media in its success. Comparing it to established tech giants like Google, Apple, or Meta may not be fair, as virality channels did not exist in the same way as they do today. Nevertheless, the figures for ChatGPT are staggering. It is rare for anything to remain viral for months, let alone weeks, but ChatGPT has done just that. The AI tool is poised to change the internet as we know it and is a true game-changer in the world of generative AI.

Why ChatGPT is Popular

One of the reasons for ChatGPT’s popularity is that it is completely free, which has encouraged curious users to try out the chatbot and has provided OpenAI with a large amount of data to train and improve the model. However, OpenAI recently announced a subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus, which offers better speed, “priority access” to feature updates and 24/7 access to the app for $20 per month. As the first AI product to make a big splash in the market, ChatGPT has cemented its influence in the AI industry and has solidified OpenAI’s position as a leader in the field.

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