Tarkov Developer Publicly Shames 6,700 Cheaters with Nickname Publication

Hey there! So, Battlestate Games, the developer at the back of the popular game Tarkov, has taken a robust stance against cheaters. Instead of just banning them from the game, they’re now publicly shaming them too! According to reports, the studio has banned a whopping 6,700 cheaters in the closing week by myself and has made their nicknames public in an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

The idea in the back of this is to shame the cheaters in a public space and show trustworthy players that action is being taken against them. Battlestate desires gamers to know that justice has been served. They’ve already posted several spreadsheets filled with cheaters’ names on their Twitter account, and sketch to continue doing so.

The studio’s COO, Nikita Buyanov, currently took to Reddit to categorise his disgust closer to cheaters, calling them “Hackers, cheaters, and different related scum of the earth.” He entreated gamers to record these “bastards.” However, some gamers have pointed out that Battlestate has made comparable statements in the past, and cheaters are nonetheless ruining video games for players.

While some players have enjoyed the public shaming of cheaters, others are sceptical that it will make a difference. They accept as true that the bans are like “trying to mop the rain,” and that cheaters will simply buy new accounts and proceed to cheat.

So, Battlestate has a lot of work to do if they want to convince the community that they’re serious about stamping out cheaters. Nonetheless, this is certainly an interesting pass that has caught the attention of many players. Who knows, possibly some gamers are even scanning the lists of banned names to see if the cheater who in my opinion victimized them has been caught! As for me, I’d probably experience an experience of vindication if I saw the name of anybody who had managed to headshot me via a wall in the ultra-modern wave of bans.

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