Total War: Warhammer 3 to Feature More Warhammer Celebrities and Expand Rosters with DLC”

In Total War: Warhammer games, some armies have procedurally generated lords while others have Legendary Lords, bespoke characters from the setting’s history. Initially, only randomized heroes could roam the land or be embedded in armies, leaving characters from the fiction who weren’t generals absent, except for the occasional text event or temporary summoning. However, a few Legendary Heroes have made their way into the games, including Felix, Gotrek, Ariel, and Lord Kroak. Creative Assembly’s principal writer and narrative designer, Andy Hall, confirmed that Total War: Warhammer 3 will continue this trend and feature more “Warhammer celebrities” as lord choices.

In terms of DLC, Hall hinted at potential additions to Cathay and Kislev’s roster and confirmed that new Legendary Heroes are in the works. He also mentioned that Warhammer 3 is a new game, and new types of DLC may be introduced. However, he also stated that new races in the far corners of the Warhammer World are not currently on the roadmap.

Cathay’s addition was made possible through a combination of circumstance and necessity, as Creative Assembly had experience with an eastern audience and needed some good guys to balance the daemons they were facing.

While we wait for more updates, Total War: Warhammer 3 is currently free to play for the weekend on Steam, along with discounts up to 75% in the franchise sale, which ends on March 13.

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