Twitter Officially Launches Clubhouse Competitor

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Twitter Spaces Twitter’s newest feature is officially launched. After months of testing Spaces was officially launched. It was announced that the ability to hold group chats on Twitter Spaces is available to anyone on a smartphone.

But the Twitter Spaces feature still has one drawback for hosting audio chats, the user account must have at least 600 followers. Based on what has been learned so far, it is likely that the account owner has a good experience holding a live conversation because of their existing audience.

Twitter Spaces itself was first announced in December as an alternative to the popular iOS app, Clubhouse. It has been in testing since then, with a beta opening up to Android users in March. Allows Android users to join the existing space, but the ability to create Space is still limited for iOS users.

To use Twitter Spaces, users can join Space by selecting one of the purple bubbles at the top of the feed where they will also find Twitter Fleets. On iOS, hosting space requires a long press of the write button, which will most likely work on Android.

Twitter also announced new features it added to Spaces, including “Ticketed Spaces”. This will allow the host to set the price for the chats they collect and the number of tickets available. Twitter ensures that hosts will receive most of the revenue they earn from ticket sales.

Other features in the works include scheduled Spaces, shared hosting, live text enhancements, and the ability to join Spaces from a profile picture in the feed. You can read more about Twitter Spaces and its upcoming features on the company blog.

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The news comes when Clubhouse announced its own beta version for Android which is currently in testing. Clubhouse has become an iOS exclusive while other apps and platforms like Facebook have introduced their own Clubhouse-like features. Unfortunately, the inability to launch Android apps before everyone else may have caused an alleged slowdown in Clubhouse users.

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