Zoom has a new feature, polishes the video conference background


In Zoom’s latest feature called “Immersive View”, users will be able to make calls as if they were in the same room together.

Zoom is rumored to be rolling out a new feature soon for its users. Zoom will roll out the video conference display update, which is said to treat the longing to gather a little.

In some reports, the feature that Zoom will bring will be called “Immersive View”. This feature is similar to Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode, which shows users as if they are in the same room.

Users can select several backgrounds that have been prepared by Zoom. However, users will also be able to choose their own background to get the mood they want.

Engadget (27/4) reports that this new Zoom feature will accommodate up to 25 people in one scene. Later users will be able to appear in a unified thumbnail strip.

Hosts have controls to automatically or manually place users into a virtual background of their choosing and can also move people around and resize them.

In the case of a webinar, attendees can see the host and the attendees the host featured on. Meanwhile, the current recording will return to the gallery or speaker display layout, depending on the user’s initial setting.

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