AMD Issues Warning on Radeon GPU Driver Update Risks

AMD has warned its graphics card customers that updating Radeon Software may cause severe issues and could even brick Windows installation in a few instances. The company has confirmed multiple user reports regarding the matter over the past few weeks.

According to AMD, using the “Factory Reset” option while updating Radeon Software could cause the Inaccessible Boot Driver error, resulting in the entire operating system becoming bricked. The company believes the issue occurs when users update the driver while installing Windows updates, such as the recent Moment 2 update. To prevent this issue, AMD suggests that users avoid using the Factory Reset option and ensure that Windows Update is not operating before installing a new driver.

AMD has acknowledged the issue and is actively investigating the problem that can occur in an extremely small number of instances if a PC update occurs during the installation of AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. The company recommends that users apply or pause all system updates before installing the driver, and that the Factory Reset option is unchecked during the AMD driver installation process. AMD is committed to resolving issues as quickly as possible and strongly encourages users to report any issues with AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition via the Bug Report Tool.

PCWorld suggests that Windows’ automatic recovery tools should fix the issue and get affected computers back into a working state. Alternatively, users can try using a system restore point. If these methods do not work, reinstalling Windows 10 or 11 may be the only solution.

In conclusion, AMD has warned users of the potential risk of updating Radeon Software, and it is recommended that they take necessary precautions when installing new drivers to avoid any issues.

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