CopperheadOS’s Latest Release: Android 13 and Improved Security for Partner Devices

CopperheadOS has recently announced the compatibility of Android 13 with the latest devices. This release comes after extensive work and thorough testing to ensure maximum security and performance improvements. The company has remained focused on providing top-notch security solutions to its partners and customers.

CopperheadOS’s Partner-based advancements have enabled the rebranding of devices with Partner designs without compromising security or requiring extensive technical know-how. This revolutionary method, released with Android 12, allows partners to have a fully rebranded device, locked down with customizable policies, without needing Android building staff or technical knowledge.

The Pixel 7 and 6a are now supported by CopperheadOS, bringing about the greatest security improvements and hardware performance. Partners can deploy these devices via CopperheadOS’s web installer and license portal, which has undergone significant improvements.

CopperheadOS has also progressed through multiple technological advancements throughout the 2021 year, keeping CopperheadOS’s security the primary focus. One of the significant improvements is the web-based flasher, which takes the pain out of deploying devices to customers. Copperhead’s updated web flasher requires only a compatible web browser and device, making it easier for partners to quickly prepare devices for their customers.

Another significant advancement is the privacy-based licensing portal, which enables partners to interface with all manners of licensing. Partners can easily create licenses from credits, renew licenses or provide rebrand packages with a few button clicks, making it easier to start a business focused on selling secure Android devices.

CopperheadOS offers rebranding and policy packages to customize devices to match their brand, including the boot animation while retaining CopperheadOS’s secure and fully redundant key infrastructure. Partners may have different preferences for their users’ devices. Some may prefer an open system for maximum convenience, allowing users to customize as they, please. On the other hand, others may choose a completely locked-down experience with no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or browser to prevent complex phishing attacks and remote exploitation.

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CopperheadOS is committed to supporting its partners and their customers with the best in customer experience and security. The company is poised and prepared to continue to support its partners and customers in 2023 and beyond, keeping up with industry advancements and expertise.

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