ClubHouse is available for Android

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The Clubhouse application finally stopped by Android. Still in beta testing phase, Pre-Registration Clubhouse is available on the Play Store.

Clubhouse became one of the applications that had become a conversation in the virtual world some time ago. Over the past few years clubhouse is available esclusively on iOS, but finally opened the pre-registration stage on Android.

Clubhouse offers quite interesting features, where people can gather and listen to online chats. There are a variety of discussion topics that can be followed.

Because of the many people who were curious about Clubhouse, this application had touched 9.7 million downloads in February on iOS.

But, his popularity began to fade, in April the number of his downloads decreased and only 922,000 globally, as quoted by Phonearena.

Developer Clubhouse has actually announced some time ago that the application will be available for Android. Although it cannot be ascertained when the release is, the good news of Clubhouse has entered the beta stage.

In the United States, Android users can taste the application. However, for Android users in other regions, they can only do pre-registration on the Play Store.

Launching from Phonearena, in a post on the Clubhouse blog, the founder of Clubhouse Davison and Rohan Seth said, the launch of this application on Android felt more complete.

They also thanked him to the extraordinary Android user for his patience waiting for the Clubhouse launch.

Clubhouse’s popularity also encourages several other applications to adapt similar features. Just say, Twitter with his new feature named Space to Instagram which recently allows users to live streaming only with sound aka audio only.

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If you want to do a pre-registration or registration of clubhouse on Android, you can immediately visit the Play Store

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