Elon Musk Get A Lot of Order For Space Based Internet System

Elon Musk Ilustration

Starlink-based internet systems have received more than 500 thousand pre bookings.

Technical problems are anticipated to meet these requests.

The founder of Starlink Elon Musk wrote his craving in May, “The only limitation is a high density of users in urban areas. Most likely, all 500 thousand early will receive services. More challenges when we enter into a few million users.”

Elon Musk delivered it in response to CNBC reporter posts that said the 99 dollar deposit taken by SpaceX for the service was fully refundable and did not guarantee service.

SpaceX works on Starlink, a space-based internet system that will send high-speed broadband to locations around the world where access is unreliable, unrepoadable, or not at all available.

Quoted from ANTARA and Reuters, the date of the launch of the Starlink service has not been specified by SpaceX.

But the commercial service is likely not to be offered at 2020 as previously planned.

The company plans to later distribute a total of 12,000 satellites and say the Starlink constellation will cost around 10 billion US dollars.

Building and sending rockets into space is a capital solid business.

The two richest people in the world, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, invested billions of dollars for years to make a breakthrough in this market.

They argue openly about competing satellite plans.

Last month the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved the SpaceX plan to mobilize several Starlink satellites in the lower orbit of the earth than planned. But it includes a number of requirements to ensure the security of the plan.

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SpaceX agrees to accept that their satellites may experience disruption of satellites used under the Amazon Kuiper System Satellite Project.

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