Exploring Alternatives to OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Custom-built Chatbots for Coding, Writing, Language Learning and more

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot created via OpenAI, has grown to be famous because of its launch to the public in November 2020. However, it might also not be suitable for all uses. Here are 5 choice chatbots that are particularly designed for sure applications such as coding, writing, and language learning.

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Replika: A chatbot designed to act as an AI friend, Replika uses a combination of neural network computer mastering and scripted content to grant companionship and aid through conversations. It can additionally mimic the texting style of users and even approves “video calls” with augmented reality. Replika is accessible on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

ELSA: The English Language Speaking Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot designed to improve English pronunciation. Developed using voice records of people speaking English with quite a number of accents, it can apprehend the speech of non-native audio systems and affords lessons or modules based totally on the user’s proficiency level. It is on hand in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Codegen AI: A chatbot that generates programs primarily based on text prompts from users, Codegen AI can also provide an explanation for code with comments, translate from one programming language to another, and restructure code barring changing its behavior and functionality. Unfortunately, it is presently only available as a technical preview and requires signing up for a ready list to use the open-source large-scale language model.

Writesonic AI: A chatbot device that can be used to create any kind of text-based content such as social media captions, blog posts, press releases, and advertisement copy. Writesonic is especially beneficial for assisting users to create search-engine-optimized content for their blogs. It is basically used by using writers and freelancers.

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DeepCoder: For coding assistance
DeepCoder is a chatbot that makes use of machines to gain knowledge of to help with coding tasks. It can help customers find high-quality code snippets for a specific task, endorse code modifications and improvements, and even write code from scratch primarily based on user inputs and requirements. It additionally has the potential to understand and work with multiple programming languages. DeepCoder is currently in beta checking out and is now not yet handy for public use.


In conclusion, ChatGPT is a versatile AI chatbot, but there are other selections handy that are tailored for particular applications. Replika is an AI friend, ELSA is for language learning, Codegen AI is for coding assistance, Writesonic AI is for creating content, and DeepCoder is for coding assistance. Each of these chatbots gives unique aspects and can be used to beautify the user trip in their respective fields.

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