Typing with ease: How to enable one-handed keyboard on your iPhone

One-handed typing mode is a convenient feature for iPhone users who desire to be kind with one hand, whether or not due to accessibility wishes or absolutely for ease of use. With this feature, you can shift the keyboard to one side of the screen, making it easier to attain all the keys with one hand.

Enabling one-handed typing mode on an iPhone is simple. First, go to your iPhone’s Settings app. From there, faucet on General, then Accessibility. Under the Interaction section, you will discover the One-Handed Keyboard option. Turn this feature on.

image of an iphone

Once one-handed typing mode is enabled, you can prompt it by using tapping and keeping the globe key on the keyboard. You will then see the choice to shift the keyboard to both the left or proper aspect of the screen. This permits you to easily reach all the keys, even when protecting your smartphone with one hand.

One-handed typing mode is handy on iPhone 6s or later running iOS eleven or later. This characteristic is mainly useful for humans with mobility issues or every person who wants to be kind with one hand. With this option, you can without difficulty compose messages, emails, or notes with one hand, making it more blissful and efficient.

In summary, One-handed typing mode is a very handy function for iPhone customers that lets you to kind with one hand. Enabling it is simple, simply go to your iPhone’s Settings > General > Accessibility > One Handed Keyboard. Available on iPhone 6s or later, running on iOS 11 or later. This feature can be an excellent help to those who have mobility problems or prefer to be kind with one hand.

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