Get organized and secure your files with Directory Lister

Directory Lister is a powerful and versatile tool that permits customers to effortlessly generate a listing list of files and folders on a web server, network share, or local drive. The tool, developed via KRKsoft, is on hand as a standalone utility or as a PHP script for use on a net server.

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One of the key aspects of Directory Lister is its potential to generate listings in more than one format, including HTML, CSV, and JSON. This makes it handy to create listing listings for websites, as properly as for backup or archiving purposes. The device also lets customers customize the appearance of the checklist by altering the font, history color, and different elements.

Another gorgeous characteristic of Directory Lister is its potential to filter and kind the archives and folders in the listing. Users can easily filter the checklist by using file type, size, and date, and type the record by using the name, size, and date. This makes it easy to shortly locate the documents and folders that you need.

Easily create professional directory listings with Directory Lister. Available as a standalone app or PHP script. Customizable, filter and sort options, and secure features included.

Directory Lister also includes a variety of protection facets to shield touchy archives and folders. Users can password-protect the checklist and preclude access to positive archives and folders. This makes it a brilliant device for growing tightly closed directory listings for use on intranet or different invulnerable networks.

One downside of Directory Lister is that it is now not free. However, the price of the device is reasonable, in particular thinking about the many elements it offers.

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Overall, Directory Lister is a powerful and feature-rich tool that is well worth the investment. It is convenient to use, customizable and offers a large variety of aspects that make it an amazing preference for growing directory listings for websites, community shares, or nearby drives.

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