PS5’s Lighter, Revised Hardware Model Has Already Gone on Sale

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You may recall last month we reported on documentation for a revised PlayStation 5 model, which was first uploaded to the organisation’s Japanese website. Now, it looks like it’s quietly gone on sale, with Australian website Press-Start noting that the lighter hardware units have been spotted down under. Curiously, the updated SKU in this instance is the Blu-ray unit, while the aforementioned manual referred to the Digital Edition.

So, what’s changed with this model, then? Well, not a massive amount, in truth. The model number is different to begin with: launch units carried the CFI-1XXX naming convention, while this update has the CFI-11XX convention. The most obvious alteration is to the screw which is used to attach the system to its stand: this has been updated to a thumb screw, so you’ll no long need to use a screwdriver or any other tools.

It’s also a fair bit lighter, to the tune of 3.6kg. It’s unclear if there are any other changes, but presumably they’re minor if they are. It’s worth noting that it’s not uncommon for Sony to refresh its hardware shortly after launch: a minor post-release revision to the PS4 reduced its power draw and replaced its HDD bay cover with a matte plastic panel as opposed to its glossy launch flap.

In this particular instance, the manufacturer has been battling to meet PS5 stock demand, with device still selling out. The company has said that it will be able to fulfil its production targets in the short-term, and so it’s possible some of the changes made to this model will help it to achieve that.

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