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EA’s second highest total number of concurrent players after Apex Legends.

The Mass Effect Legendary edition appears to be well received on Steam, where its launch has the second highest total number of concurrent players in EA after Apex Legends.

His current peak score is a total of 59,650 (via Steam Card and BenjiSales) which is the highest score for a Mass Effect or BioWare game on Steam.

The average rating of users is “Very Positive”, despite a number of complaints that the game does not have an FOV slider outside of Photo mode and insists on starting Origin to start the Legendary Edition launcher and then the specific Start game.

Here in the UK, a boxed copy of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition makes the remastered trilogy to the top of the charts of all physical formats this week, kicking off Resident Evil: Village.

Another weekend, Legendary Edition players noticed that BioWare had done this changing the character’s race and fixing a ten year old bug, as well as replacing the gruesome photo previously used to reveal a face without Tali’s helmet.

I recently sat down for more Mass Effect Lead author Mac Walters discussing how BioWare got started planning ME3 – Read on for details on Reaper’s boss cut, missions swapped, and more.

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